Innovative Approaches for Identification of Antiviral Agents Summer School (IAAASS): 24-28 September 2018, Italy

IAAASS 2018 will be held in Santa Margherita di Pula in the southern coast of Sardinia on 24-28 September 2018.

This summer school aims to provide an informal and interactive environment to review the application of high throughput screening techniques to identification of novel and clinically-significant antiviral drugs. The Summer School is targeted to researchers at an early stage in their career, combining examples of drug discovery from internationally-recognized experts in the field with informal, small-group thematic discussion sessions. Evening sessions will allow students to present their work in the form of either a poster or oral presentations and receive feedback from their colleagues.


Program will revolve around the fundamentals as well as applications of  antiviral agaents.


Important dates

Registration deadline: 31 August 2018


Further details
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