Mechanisms and Application: Realizing the Potential of Antimicrobial Host Defense Peptides for Human and Veterinary Medicine (GRC)

Antimicrobial / Host Defense Peptides (AMPs) have been studied in health and found to be important in a wide range of specific disease processes. The challenge for the field is now to realize the potential for AMPs in human and veterinary medicine. This is the focus of the 2019 Gordon Research Conference on Antimicrobial Peptides: utilizing our knowledge of mechanisms of AMP action, and mining species diversity to advance application to global infection challenges, including the threat of antimicrobial resistance, and sharing experience of translating fundamental research to commercial development and clinical practice. These aspects will be discussed by the foremost international experts in the field; with invited speakers from academia, industry and clinical practice, talks chosen from submitted abstracts, poster presentations, and informal networking, promoted by the collegial atmosphere of this fabulous biennial GRC Conference.

Financial assistance is available for qualified applicants through the GRC Carl Storm Underrepresented Minority Fellowship Program.

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