Microbial Sequencing and Analytics Core Director : USA

Cleveland Clinic Lerner Research Institute is building a new Center focused on the microbiome (Center for microbiome and human health), and its potential as a target for therapeutic intervention. We are seeking a highly qualified new or experienced investigator who is an expert in microbial 16S, metagenomics and transcriptome analyses to establish a new Core in our Center. The applicant should have hands on experience in the field of microbiome-related research, and be familiar with state of the art methods of analysis. The successful candidate will have expertise in high-throughput sequencing technologies and analysis of metagenomic data sets and a respected publication record in the field. Working knowledge and experience in deep sequencing, marker gene, and the assembly of whole genomes is essential. Importantly, the candidate must have the ability to stay abreast with cutting-edge technology and software, and demonstrate good oral and written English communication, proficiencies that are central to providing customer service and technical oversight.

The director

  • will work collaboratively with institute researchers interested in areas related to microbiology, including microbe-microbe interactions, microbe-host interactions, microbial enzymology and biochemistry, bacteriophage therapy and gnotobiotics.
  • is expected to meet with basic, translational and clinical investigators to help with experimental design, as well as providing full service bioinformatics and data processing that is uniquely tailored to each project.

Highly promising early career investigators with microbiome-related research interests are encouraged to apply. Alternatively, established investigators that have an established research program in one of these fields and the ability to direct and instruct team members to carry out core functions will also be favorably considered.

Faculty appointments at appropriate rank (Staff Scientist, Assistant, Associate, or Full Staff) will be based on applicant credentials. The successful candidate will join a highly collaborative environment with outstanding opportunities for interactions with basic and translational investigators, as well as with clinicians from multiple specialties. Outstanding facilities, generous core start-up funds, and ongoing core operational support will be provided.

The Lerner Research Institute, with nearly 200 independent investigators in 10 departments and an annual budget of >$240 million, has a commitment to excellence in basic, translational and clinical research, with an emphasis on interactive, collaborative research. Faculty are members of the Molecular Medicine Graduate Training Program at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, and may join other Programs, providing access to excellent Ph.D. students enrolled in well-developed training programs.

Candidates should submit a complete curriculum vitae and brief statement of research interests by email to Ms. Kelsey Shirey:

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