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Microbiology Society Annual Conference 2018: 10-13 April 2018, UK

The Microbiology Society Annual Conference 2018 will be held on 10-13 April 2018 at the International Conference Centre (ICC), Birmingham, UK. The Society’s Annual Conference attracts over 1,400 attendees for the UK’s largest annual gathering of microbiologists


Main symposia

  • Microbial metal homeostasis: impacts on pathogenicity
  • The games microbes play: competition, conflict and cooperation in microbiology
  • Cool tools for microbial imaging
  • Emerging model systems
  • The magic of mushrooms in nature and industry
  • Models for understanding host–pathogen interactions
  • Synthetic Ecology: from understanding ecological interactions to designing functional microbial communities
  • Community interactions and the living host
  • Escherichia coli: The model microbe
  • Microbial diversity and interactions in the environment
  • Bacterial zoonoses: ecology, epidemiology and evolution
  • DNA repair
  • Breaking bad: factors affecting the commensal to pathogen switch
  • The global virome – the scope, causes and consequences of viral diversity
  • The battle for the ribosome – how viruses manipulate host translation
  • Teaching microbiology in Higher Education
  • Clinical Virology Network


Virus workshops

  • Clinical virology
  • DNA virus
  • Positive strand and double strand RNA viruses
  • Negative strand RNA viruses
  • Retroviruses
  • The scope, causes and consequences of viral diversity


Eukaryotic and prokaryotic forums

  • Microbial infection
  • Environmental and applied microbiology
  • Microbial physiology, metabolism and molecular biology
  • Genetics and genomics

Important Dates

  • Early Bird Registration Deadline: 9 March 2018
  • Full Price Registration Deadline: 19 March 2018
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