Microbiome Research Investigator, USA

The positions of Microbiome Research Investigator are  open at DuPont’s historic research campus in Wilmington, Delaware. The successful candidates will be part of a team of scientists developing new products for the modulation of microbiome towards improving health.  This team with work in close collaboration with Microbiologists, Molecular Biologists, Biochemists and Human Health scientists, at the Wilmington site and other DuPont/Danisco sites. The successful candidates will participate in the design of short, middle and long term Microbiome research projects.  They will be responsible to carry out of such projects with the help of research assistants and outstanding support services (robotics, genomics, bioinformatics, proteomics, metabolomics…).  It is also expected that they will contribute to expanding DuPont’s external network with academics and external technology providers.
 Key responsibilities/essential functions include:
  • Contribute to the overall expertise and leadership of DuPont in Microbiome sciences
  • Deliver solutions (strains and molecules) to modulate the human microbiome
  • Generate novel intellectual property and provide technical support for IP monitoring and filings
  • Drive industry leading innovation through academic collaborations and publications
 Specific goals:
  • Expand the Enterprise  of the DuPont-wide and Academic collaborative network
  • Support and expand IP
  • It is expected that the incumbent will be a strategic thinker and possess the experience and ability to lead, manage, recruit and engage a team of strong scientists

Job Qualifications

Qualified candidates are expected to meet the following requirements:
  • Training in Microbiology, Microbial physiology, Microbial ecology, Molecular Genetics, Biochemistry or a related field
  • PhD followed by a minimum of two years of post-doctoral training, ideally in different fields
  • Demonstrated substantial track record of publications and /or patents
  • Preference will be given to candidates with a broad understanding of the microbial ecology of the mammalian gut, host-microbe interactions, microbial metabolism as well as biochemistry and enzymology
  • Full expertise in the techniques of molecular genetics (beyond kit-cloning and PCR)
  • Understanding of metagenomics (beyond 16S analysis) and practice of bioinformatics tools
  • Experience in project management; planning, tracking and reporting
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills for presentation of scientific concepts and results to internal and external customers and stakeholders
  • Enjoy working in teams of highly skilled Principal Investigators and Research Associates
  • Creativity and a passion for science

The positions represented by this job posting are aligned to one of the three divisions, Agriculture, Materials Science or Specialty Products, which are expected to separate from DowDuPont into stand-alone public companies. Information on the division alignment will be provided during the recruitment process.

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