Molecular Mechanisms of Host-Pathogen Interactions and Virulence in Human Fungal Pathogens– HFP2017

Dates: 13-19 May 2017

Location: Belambra Club “la Bergerie”, La Colle sur Loup, France

Fungal infections pose a prominent problem for public health. Research on human fungal pathogens has become a very active field over the last two decades. The progressive availability of the genome sequences of the main fungal pathogens of humans and related species has now resulted in a major shift in the strategies that can be applied to study these species. Insertional mutagenesis, transcript profiling, proteomics, parallel sequencing etc. are yielding important discoveries on the molecular and cell biology of the fungal pathogens and their interaction with host cells and the microbiota as well as in the understanding of the mechanisms that underlie antifungal resistance.

In connection with HFP2017  top-level research on yeast pathogens published in four FEMS journals were specially selected by Christophe D’Enfert, Editor of Pathogens and Disease and Carol Munro, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of FEMS Yeast Research and compiled in a joint Virtual Special Issue.

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