Peer Review Week 2017: 11-17 September 2017

Dates: 11-17 September 2017

Peer Review Week is a global initiative that FEMS is proud to be a part of again this year, bringing together almost 30 leading science publishers and science communicators to promote the importance and value of peer review.

The theme of Peer Review Week 2017 is Transparency in Review, a topic that will allow the community to explore a wide range of opportunities and challenges that this presents for peer review. Activities will be taking place on social media and across the globe. These will include virtual and in-person events including webinars, videos, interviews and social media activities designed to improve understanding of the principle of peer review and how it is practiced within the scholarly community. A list of other Peer Review Week events and activities, as well as a range of resources and information are available on the website, which will be updated over the coming months.

Activities for Peer Review Week

  • Under the microscope: Transparency in peer review 

This is a panel discussion that will be held as a separate session following the close of the Peer Review Congress on 12 September 2017 at 17:30 CDT. It will consist of a moderator and four panelists representing researchers, publishers, funders, peer review innovators and science commentators. Panelists will be asked to respond to a wide range of questions both gathered in advance of the event and from the audience. You can send your questions for this panel discussion using the Twitter hashtag #AskPRW. Find out more here.

Get involved!

If you would like to get involved in Peer Review Week, please send your contributions and ideas to using the subject line ‘Peer Review Week’ and include a brief description of the event or resource you would like featured on the Peer Review Week website. We especially encourage organizations that conduct peer review outside of publishing to participate, including funders and research institutions.

You can join the peer review conversation by sharing a photo of yourself in ‘peer review mode’ with a sentence about what peer review means to you to, or on Twitter using the hashtag #wepeerreview. We want to share your photo stories during Peer Review Week this September.

You can also promote Peer Review Week on social media by using the Twitter hashtags #PeerRevWk17 and #TransparencyinReview.

Peer Review Week 2017
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