PhD in Soil Microbiology: Belgium

PhD position at SCK CEN on the “Impact on changing soil conditions following inundation on radionuclide and heavy metal (re)mobilization and the interplay with the soil microbiome”.

This project aims to explicate the effects of flooding on the organic and mineralogical geochemistry and on the microbial community, and to understand the impact of related chemical and microbial processes on the (re)mobilization of radionuclides and metals through a thorough understanding of the interplay between the soil microbiome and the ongoing geochemistry. According to the Sigmaplan, reed will be introduced in the flooded areas, and therefore we will link the chemical and biological processes to the transfer to reed plants. Furthermore, this project will assess the ecological impact of long-term radionuclide and metal contamination and predict the ecosystems response to changing conditions. Our results can be implemented in the impact assessments of this contaminated site.

Application deadline 31st March 2021

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