PhD position on microbial biotechnology: Belgium

The Center for Microbial Ecology and Technology (CMET) is part of the Faculty of Bioscience Engineering at Ghent University, Belgium. CMET has over 40 years of experience in the study of applied microbial processes and microbial ecology in the contexts of waste(water) treatment, bioremediation, bioproduction, bioelectrochemistry and resource recovery.

CMET is looking for a PhD candidate to work on Project Microbial protein production from CO2 (CO2PERATE)

PhD project details

Carbon capture and utilization is considered as one of the key routes to mitigate CO2 emissions. Bacteria can play a role in this, being catalysts that convert CO2 into complex organic compounds. An unexpected product, perhaps, is protein for feed. The global nitrogen cycle is severely imbalanced mainly due to agricultural losses during the production of e.g. soy which is used to feed cattle. It is now possible to produce soy-like protein in reactors, with CO2 and ammonia as inputs. Within a Flanders-wide consortium including several international leading companies  microbial potential for protein production is investigated by using different approaches in terms of energy source. The PhD project thus focuses on microbial conversion routes, towards feed.

Candidate requirements

  • PhD student: They are searching for a motivated student with existing training and relevant master degree in biotechnology, microbiology or environmental-/bio-/chemical-engineering.
  • Ability to develop and test laboratory scale processes with a focus on bioreactor operation with pure and mixed populations
  • Ability to perform in-depth and critical data analysis.
  • Potential to contribute to research program development.
  • A strong interest in inter/multi-disciplinary applied science, particularly around the biological sciences
  • Excellent interpersonal skills to work effectively with team members from different backgrounds and with different tasks.
  • Good oral and written communication skills in English are strictly required (C1 level).
  • Outcome focused, hands-on mentality.
  • Willingness to travel internationally.

To apply

Send a cover letter and CV by email to as pdf or word documents, with in the subject line mentioning “CO2PERATE”.

Further details
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