PhD Scholarship - Microbiology: UK

Swansea University invites applications for a Fully Funded Health Care Research Wales (HCRW) PhD Scholarship: “Identifying host and bacterial biomarkers to predict sepsis”

Bacterial sepsis (blood poisoning) is a huge concern to local Heath Boards in South West Wales and across the UK. Conservative estimates in Wales alone have suggested the equivalent of 1,800 deaths and a cost of £125 million annually. To date the Microbiology and Infectious Disease (MID) group have established a collection of important E. coli bacteria that have been isolated from patients with sepsis and are investigating the differences between these isolates, both in their inherent genetic content and how they generate immune responses in laboratory models of sepsis. This PhD project will identify important new early bacterial and immune responses that occur in these sepsis isolates.

The student will join the MID group whose focus is on the infection biology of StaphylococcusE. coli and Campylobacter species. The group is jointly led by Professor Tom Humphrey and Associate Professor Tom Wilkinson and is currently and /or previously funded by the MRC, BBSRC, Pfizer, The Dunhill Medical Trust, Life Sciences Research Network Wales and internal grants at Swansea University and the Medical School. The group has two lecturers, Dr Llinos Harris and Dr Rowena Jenkins whose interests are in medical device infections and the antimicrobial activities of honey respectively. In addition, the group has a full-time technician dedicated to supporting group activities in research and teaching. The group also has numerous ongoing postgraduate and undergraduate projects.


Candidates must hold a 2.1 or above in their undergraduate degree in Biology, Immunology, Medical, Biosciences, Biochemistry or Genetics. Background in cell culture, bacterial genomics and molecular biology will be very useful.

We would normally expect the academic and English Language requirements to be met by point of application. For details on the University’s English Language entry requirements, please visit –

Due to funding restrictions, this scholarship is open to UK/EU candidates only.


This scholarship covers the full cost of UK/EU tuition fees, plus an annual stipend of £14,777. There will also be funds available for travel.

How to Apply

To apply please complete the following documents and submit to Dr Tom Wilkinson (

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