PhD Student "Physiological diversity and ecological niche of JTB255 Bacteria in marine sediments"

The department of Marine Microbiology and Biogeochemistry (MMB; principal investigator dr. Pierre Offre) of the Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research is looking for a highly motivated PhD Student with a keen interest in microbial physiology who would like to support the research of a diverse and ubiquitous group of marine benthic bacteria: JTB255. In this project, the candidate will characterize the range of electron donors and carbon sources used by a cultivated strain of the JTB255 group as well as its growth and substrate uptake kinetics. Among several classes of substrates, the project will emphasize growth on lipids and the broad variety of related compounds, which are important drivers of the health and stability of marine ecosystems and also function as determinants of the bioaccumulation of pollutants. Niche separation between the cultivated strain and more widely investigated lipid-degrading bacteria will be investigated using comparative analyses of their physiology and genomes.

The candidate

  • is a highly motivated young researcher with an MSc degree in microbiology or microbial ecology
  • is eager to elucidate the lifestyle and traits of microorganisms and you are willing to work across disciplines using experimental work on cultivated bacterial strains, ecological molecular approaches, and comparative genomics
  • will work in an international research environment – a very good command of spoken and written English is therefore essential

Some experience in handling and maintaining bacterial cultures is strongly desired but experience in comparative genomics and/or knowledge of biochemistry (especially microbial metabolisms) would also be advantages.

For additional information about this vacancy, please contact dr. Helge Niemann.

For additional information about the procedure, please contact Jolanda Evers (senior HR advisor).

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