Post doctoral fellow in Antibiotic resistance and molecular biology: Norway

Norwegian Veterinary Institute in Oslo, Section for Food Safety and Emerging Health Threats offers a 2 years position as post doctoral fellow in antibiotic resistance and molecular biology. The successful candidate will join the sections’ research team and will be affiliated to the EU/JPI project “Piloting on-site interventions for reducing antimicrobial use in livestock farming in emerging economies (REDUCEAMU)”

The position provides a unique opportunity to study antimicrobial resistance dynamics in an international multidisciplinary research team. The study site will be in Thailand focusing on pig production, antimicrobial resistance and potential for zoonotic transmission. The research activities for the candidate will involve classical bacteriology, molecular investigations, genome sequencing of bacterial isolates of both animal and human origin. The candidate will work in Norway, with some visits to the study site in Thailand. The research fellow will report directly to the supervising senior researcher and the project leader. A candidate with strong interest in bacteriology, molecular biology, bioinformatics and antimicrobial resistance is sought.

Selection Criteria

  1. A.      Essential requirements        
  • A university degree in veterinary sciences, microbiology, biology, molecular biology or a closely related field.
  • A recent PhD degree in microbiology, molecular biology or a field related to antimicrobial resistance (Ph D degree preferably acquired within the past four years)
  • Skills and experience demonstrated by academic publications in peer reviewed journals
  • A record of relevant laboratory work experience with a main focus on microbiology and advanced molecular methods and techniques
  • Oral and written communication skills in English

NOTE: While knowledge of Norwegian or another Scandinavian language is not a compulsory requirement, the successful candidate is expected to gain some proficiency in Norwegian during his employment period, as some working tasks may benefit from proficiency in Norwegian.

  1. B.      Additional desirable criteria (scientific and personal)
  • Experience with clinical bacteriology/microbiology and antimicrobial resistance
  • Comprehensive knowledge of bioinformatics and/or metagenomics analyses, programming and general web based tools for sequence alignment and protein structure prediction
  • Strong ability to collaborate in a multidisciplinary team and develop links with external research networks
  • Being solution oriented, effective and able to work accurately and structured
  • Demonstrated capacity to work independently and with high degree of flexibility
  • Previous experience with supervision of students and grant writing

Further information

Further information on this position can be obtained by contacting the Head of Section Carlos G. das Neves, mobile +47 96231702 / or (project leader).

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