Postdoc in exploring micro-scale microbial ecology through oligopaints and laser microdissection technologies: Denmark

We are looking for a highly motivated and dynamic postdoc for an extendable 24-month position on optimising and implementing novel oligopaints and laser microdissection-based technologies to explore microbial interactions at the micro-scale within animal guts, to commence on the 1st of February 2024.

The postdoc will be involved in two projects that share the common goal of increasing the spatial resolution of animal-associated microbiome analyses to the micron scale, and generating microbiome data at hitherto unseen level of detail. The first project, called 3D’omics, is a multi-partner H2020 project implementing micro-scale metagenomic technologies to reconstruct microbial communities through laser microdissection (Leica LMD7). The second project, called InSituMicroSeq, is a technology-development project aimed at implementing a novel technique based on in situ sequencing (Bucker Vutara VXL) of barcoded probes targeting functional genes. The two projects are coordinated by Assoc. Prof. Antton Alberdi, in collaboration with international partners. This postdoctoral position will be supervised by Assoc. Prof. Antton Alberdi (Section for Hologenomics at UCPH),  Ass. Prof. Urvish Trivedi (Section for Microbiology at UCPH) and Prof. Marc A. Marti-Renom (CNAG and CRG, in Barcelona).

Deadline for applications: October 31st, 23.59pm CET.

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