Postdoc in microbial evolution: Spain

The Evolutionary Systems Genetics of Microbes lab at Polytechnic University of Madrid is seeking a highly-motivated and accomplished candidate for a 2-year, fully-funded postdoctoral fellowship in microbial evolution.

The candidate must have obtained her/his PhD between January 2020 and December 2021 and have at least one leading author publication (preprints accepted). If successful the Fellow will join the Evolutionary Systems Genetics of Microbes lab to work in experimental evolution and genomics of rapid adaptation in bacteria. The Fellow will be encouraged to propose an original project related to the research being carried on in the lab.


The application process requires the sponsorship of a established researcher, a 3500 max summary of their accomplishments and research interests and a short CV enlisting qualifications, publications, conferences, outreach, grants and awards. Applications are due February 10th, 2022 with a flexible start date of January 2023. However, since only one candidate will be sponsored, interested candidates should contact before January 25th (IMPORTANT: please include “JdCfellowship” in the subject).

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