Postdoc in Multi-omics and Genetics of Methanogens: Denmark

A two-year postdoctoral research position is available from 1 May 2022 at the Department of Biology, University of Southern Denmark, in the research team led by Dr A.-E. Rotaru. The team is interdisciplinary, covering aspects of environmental and applied microbiology, microbial physiology, cell biology, and bioelectro-chemistry.

The overarching ai m of the project is to explore (1) the mechanisms of electron uptake in methanogens capable of using a cathode as their electron donor (electromethanogenesis) and (2) genetically manipulate these microorganisms to improve the conversion of waste gas, carbon dioxide (e.g. from biogas) to methane – a fuel we can easily store.


Your primary tasks will be to:

  • design and/or develop gene expression vectors
  • genetically manipulate cells to overexpress genes of interest using either targeted mutagenesis or directed evolution (cycles of random mutagenesis and selection)
  • screen genome-wide for mutations
  • analyse gene expression data (meta-transcriptome and/or proteome)
  • assist with de novo assembly of microbial genomes
  • teach – including training (lab-supervision) of two PhD students, and additional master and bachelor students .


To be considered for this position the applicants should have:

  • A PhD degree in molecular, applied, or environmental microbiology, microbial genetics, omics and/or bioinformatics, or closely related fields
  • Wet-lab experience in fields like molecular microbiology, microbial genetics, genomics, and expression studies of non-model microorganisms
  • Computation experience working with DNA/RNA/protein sequencing data and handling big data
  • Creativity, and ability to develop and follow-up on new ideas, coupled with an interest to apply for research funding
  • Proficiency in spoken and written English.
  • Expertise working with methanogens or bioelectro-chemistry is an asset but not essential. You should be independent, and interested in working in an interdisciplinary, and international environment (18+ nationalities) sharing ideas and collaborating with people from different fields.


1 March 2022

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