Postdoc in Microbial Ecology: Czech Republic

We are looking for a motivated postdoc with a previous experience in microbial ecology that will be involved in a project focusing on the involvement of bacteria in the decomposition of complex biomass in forest ecosystems: “Decoding the role of bacteria in the decomposition of polysaccharides in forest soil”.

The candidate is expected to study the bacterial communities degrading biomass in a temperate forest soil and to identify the main taxa involved in decomposition of complex biomass and the genes and enzymes taking part in this process.

To achieve this, the candidate will use the combination of methods of microbiology (pure culture isolation, cultivation, identification and characterization of isolates) together with multi-omics tools such as (meta) -genomics, -transcriptomics and -proteomics.

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Postdoc in Microbial Ecology
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