PostDoc on Evasion of Cell-Autonomous Immunity by the Bacterial Pathogen Chlamydia: Sweden

The Sixt Lab at Umeå University (located in Umeå, Sweden) is looking for a Postdoc to work on the project on Evasion of  Cell-Autonomous Immunity by the Bacterial Pathogen Chlamydia

Application Deadline: 31 January 2024

Many pathogens can invade human cells and exploit the interior of these cells as a replicative niche. While human cells have powerful defense programs that can restrict the growth of such invaders, suc­cessful pathogens evolved to counteract these defenses. A profound understanding of the molec­ular basis of this arms race could pave the way for innovative therapeutics. Driven by this vision, the Sixt lab applies a rich set of genetic, cell biological, biochemical, omics, and microscopic approaches to decipher how the obligate intra­cellular bacterial pathogen Chlamydia trachomatis evades host cell-autonomous immunity. In this context, we are now seeking a postdoctoral researcher to investigate the role of Chlamydia’s in­terac­tions with host cellular organelles and membrane trafficking in the subversion of host cellular im­mune signaling.

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