PostDoc at the Research Network Chemistry Meets Microbiology: Austria

The University of Vienna  seeks to fill the position from 01.04.2018 of a University Assistant (post doc) at the Research Network Chemistry Meets Microbiology.

Job Description:

Active participation in research, teaching and administration.

This involves:


  • Involvement in research projects
  • International publications and presentations
  • Involvment in project applications and acquisition of third-party funding
  • Independent teaching of courses as defined by the collective agreement
  • Supervision of students




  • Doctoral or PhD degree (Biology, Geosciences, Geography, or similar)
  • Excellent command of written and spoken English
  • High ability to express yourself both orally and in writing
  • Documented publication activity in peer-reviewed journals
  • Good team-working ability

Professional competences (MUST):

  • Excellent knowledge in the area of ecosystem ecology with a focus on soil processes (microbial carbon and nitrogen cycling)
  • Excellent knowledge in the area of microbial ecology, with a focus on in situ identification, quantification, and visualization of key microbial groups in soil microenvironments



Methodological competences (one or more of the following):


  • Practical experience in isotope labelling of soil systems (e.g., microbes, roots), including isotope calculations and planning of isotope experiments; good understanding of isotope ration mass spectrometry
  • Isolation of microbial strains from soils and roots and maintaining of strain collections
  • Molecular techniques in microbiology, including excellent knowledge of FISH techniques and its application in soil, sequencing techniques and data analysis
  • Microscopic techniques in microbiology (advanced fluorescence microscopy, scanning electron microscopy, correlative microscopy covering various levels of resolution), including image analysis (thresholding and 3-D rendering of microscopic data and similar)

For further information please contact Richter, Andreas +43-1-4277-76660.


Further details:
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