Postdocs in Anaerobic Microbial Consortia: Denmark

Department of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering (DTU Chemical Engineering) invites applications for few positions as Post Doctoral Fellow to be hired for a European Research Council (ERC) funded project with focus on anaerobic microbiome for biotechnological applications aiming at valorization of biowastes.

Your background is on anaerobic microbiology, microbial ecology, microbial interactions, syntrophies, genome scale modelling, bioengineering, and fermentation.

The positions are:

  • Postdoc, with a background in microbial ecology – Focusing on microbial interactions of anaerobic microcosms.
  • Postdoc, with a background on microbial ecology – Focusing on genome mapping based on genomic information and genome scale modelling of the anaerobic microbiome.
  • Postdoc, ideally with a background on microbiology and microfluidics – Focusing on microbial isolations and design of tailored mixed cultures.

The successful candidates will join an innovative, collaborative, international and multidisciplinary team. The group works on both fundamental understanding but also development and validation of new technologies based on the use of microorganisms as tools to valorise organic wastes and wastewaters into useful bioproducts, biofuels and bioenergy. One of our important values is cooperation, and we believe that we can reach world-class results together.

You will be involved to strengthen the Bioconversions group competences within microbiome studies using modern technologies such as metagenomics, metatranscriptomics, and anaerobic mixed cultures design and construction. You will work with nearby colleagues, and with both academic and industrial partners in Denmark as well as abroad.

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