Postdoctoral Fellow on Moss-Cyanobacteria Interactions, Sweden

The position is formally located at the department of Forest Ecology and Management, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU), in Umeå Sweden. The Post-doctoral Fellow will be jointly supervised by Professors Marie-Charlotte Nilsson Hegethorn and Thomas Moritz, both at SLU Umeå as well as Associated Professor Ulla Rasmussen at Stockholm University. The molecular identification work will be performed at the Swedish Metabolomics Centre, located at the research center Umeå Plant Science Centre (UPSC). UPSC is one of the strongest research environments for experimental plant biology in Europe.

The Post-doctoral Fellow will explore whether and when feather mosses release secondary metabolites to attract and repulse cyanobacterial filaments, and if so, to reveal their chemical identity. The Post-doctoral Fellow will work in a cross-disciplinary research group and carry out laboratory experiments using novel model systems with mosses and cyanobacteria as well as utilize advanced chemical instrumentation in order to characterize moss metabolite(s) underpinning the feather moss and cyanobacteria association. This work will provide advanced understanding of the consequences of moss metabolite profiles for moss-associated communities of cyanobacteria and contribute to a better understanding of the N economy of the moss, and C and N cycling processes in boreal forests that feather mosses drive.

The candidate:

  • should have a PhD degree in biology, biochemistry or in a related field.
  • should have a strong interest in research and be capable of developing the project independently and creatively.
  • It is meriting with experience in chemical analysis, especially chromatography – mass spectrometry techniques.
  • Proficiency in English is required.

As postdoctoral appointments are career-developing positions for junior researchers, we are primarily looking for candidates with a doctoral degree that is three years old at the most.

The application should contain the following written in English: 1) a cover letter describing yourself and your match to the above mentioned project; 2) your motivation for the application; and 3) your cv and publication list

Contact person: Marie-Charlotte Nilsson Hegethorn, Professor (

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