Postdoctoral position in cellular biophysics, microscopy, and morphogenesis: France

We are looking for a Postdoc candidate with a background in physics/engineering and experience in quantitative microscopy, who has a keen interest to decipher the physical cues underlying bacterial cell shape.

Our interdisciplinary lab is generally interested in how single cells control and coordinate shape, volume, cell-cycle progression, and other aspects of physiology in view of fluctuations of both intra- and extracellular conditions. Recently, we discovered that bacteria control cell volume indirectly, by expanding their surface in response to biomass growth, using quantitative phase microscopy (biorxiv 769786), we identified the physical roles of different cell-envelope-modifying enzymes using single-molecule tracking (biorxiv 716407, biorxiv 763508), and we investigated the role of mechanical forces for cell shape (Nat Microbio 2017). For our studies, we developed custom microscopes, notably i) spatial-light interference microscopy (SLIM), a variant of quantitative phase microscopy, to measure bacterial mass (biorxiv 769786), and ii) single-molecule tracking (sptPALM) to monitor the activity of single enzymes that remodel the cell envelope (biorxiv 716407, biorxiv 763508). Microscopy is complemented by tools to control cellular physiology through precise modifications of gene expression (MSB 2018), mechanical forces (Nat Microbio 2017), and other genetic perturbations.

For further references see our lab website:

Microbial Morphogenesis and Growth

The lab is composed of students and postdocs from physics, biology, and bioengineering.

Available projects rely on custom microscopy (SLIM, sptPALM) and computational image analysis. The candidate is thus expected to bring experience in quantitative microscopy and computation, as well as a strong interest in physical biology.

Funding is guaranteed through an ERC starting grant. However, candidates are also encouraged to apply for postdoctoral fellowship programs.

For applications or questions please contact Sven van Teeffelen (

Earliest possible start date: January 1 2019.

Deadline for application: open until filled.

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