Postdoctoral position in honeybee microbiology: Sweden

A two year full time position is available for a highly motivated post-doctoral researcher for research on the gut microbiota and infectious diseases of honeybees. The position is offered by the honeybee research group at the Department of Ecology at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences in Uppsala. The honeybee research group is internationally renowned for both pure and applied research on honeybee diseases, including viruses, bacteria, microsporidia and parasites. The group actively maintains close ties with the Swedish Beekeepers Associations, the national bee health advisor, the National Veterinary Institute (SVA), the Swedish Board of Agriculture and collaborates extensively with numerous international academic and research institutions.


The post-doctoral researcher will focus on the bacterial populations of honeybees and especially the interaction between pathogenic bacteria and other gut bacteria. The work includes the design and execution of laboratory work, data analysis and the writing of scientific articles.


A PhD degree in microbiology, molecular biology or a related field is required. You will also have experience with modern sequencing techniques, bioinformatics and sequence-based microbiome analyses and will have produced scientific publications in these or related subjects. A degree in veterinary sciences is a highly desirable.

Much emphasis in our recruitment will be placed on soft skills, e.g. the ability to work tidily, effectively, responsibly and congenially in a group context with shared facilities; the ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing, the ability to interact amicably at all levels and willingness to assist when needed. The ability to communicate effectively in Swedish and have practical experience managing honeybees will be a great advantage.


Since postdoctoral appointments are designed to be career-developing positions for junior researchers, preference will be given for candidates with a doctoral degree obtained after 2015.

Place of work:

The position is based at the Ecology Center at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, in Uppsala, Sweden. The center conducts research on sustainable agriculture, forest production and biological conservation. This includes both fundamental and applied research on communities and ecosystems and the influences of land use and climate on animals, plants, soil nutrient status and greenhouse gas balance. This research forms the basis for solutions to mitigate climate change, preserve threatened species, and benefit biological diversity and ecosystem services and control pests in managed agricultural, forested and urban landscapes. Active dissemination, outreach and frequent contacts with stakeholders are key activities.

Form of employment: Temporary employment for 2 years

Further details:
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