Power of Microbes in Industry and Environment 2023

We invite you the FEMS Sponsored Event – Power of Microbes in Industry and Environment 2023. This will  be held in Poreč, Croatia from May 15th to 18th 2023.

This symposium which covers all key topics of applied microbiology is already the seventh in a row with a clear tendency to strengthen the scientific connections among research groups of neighbouring countries and broader. Same as the previous meetings it will be organized by the Croatian Microbiological Society and co-organized by several other European microbiological societies.

FEMS is a sponsor of the Power of Microbes 2023 Symposium, and offers to support the attendance of  Early Career Scientists. Deadline to apply 15 February 2023. More details here.

We use the income from our FEMS Journals to fund our FEMS Grants! FEMS Journals are proud to invest back into science through sponsoring this meeting. 

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