Professor for Aquatic Microbiology: Germany

The University of Greifswald’s Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences is seeking candidates for the position of a “Professor” for Aquatic Microbiology (W3) for appointment by 01 April 2022.

We are looking for a personality with an international reputation in current areas of aquatic microbiology. The research focus of the W3 professorship should be on the study of aquatic microbes, their interaction in microbiomes and their influence on aquatic metabolic processes. In addition, a focus should be on the physiological and molecular biological characterisation of marine bacteria that are difficult to cultivate. Furthermore, it would be desirable to work on innovative aspects of the biotechnology/bioeconomy of marine microorganisms. For example, research on the utilisation of marine resources, especially algal polysaccharides by biotechnologically relevant marine bacteria and their enzymes, would be desirable. Collaboration in future or existing research networks in the fields of marine microbiome research and bioeconomy is expected. In addition, the establishment of an independent research group is to be promoted through the acquisition of third-party funding.

The tasks of the professorship include participation in courses of microbiology in the Bachelor’s degree programmes Biology, Biochemistry, Biomathematics, Landscape Ecology & Conservation and Environmental Sciences as well as the Master’s degree programmes “Molecular Biology and Physiology”, “Bioeconomy” and “Biodiversity and Ecology”. Willingness to participate in committees of the academic self-administration is expected. The ability and willingness to teach in English is required. Experience abroad is desirable.

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