Project Scientist or Project Technical Scientist - Deep-sea Bio Open Innovation Platform: Japan

“Deep-sea Bio Open Innovation Platform” in the Research and Development Center for Marine Biosciences, JAMSTEC, is soliciting applications for Project Technical Scientist or Project Senior Technical Scientist positions.

This open innovation platform was established in September, 2017 to facilitate innovation from deep-sea bio resources. The platform will provide deep-sea sediments, deep-sea microbial strains, and environmental genomic information, which have been stored in JAMSTEC, to companies, universities, and research institutes.

Research Description
The successful applicant will engage in the project, in cooperation with other scientists and research scientists, as described below.

  1. bioinformatic analyses and database constructions for shotgun metagenomic sequences and SSU rRNA gene tag sequences from diverse marine environments
  2. consulting for the researchers in companies, universities, and research institutes who wish to use the environmental genomic database
  3. research and development for advanced platform projects

Job Type

Project Scientist: To contribute to the project, a Project Scientist is expected to perform world-leading research independently and share the results through scientific publications.

Project Technical Scientist: To contribute to the project, a Project Technical Scientist is expected to take a leading role in research, technology development, and technology innovation.

*There may be a change in affiliation if the Agency is reorganized.
*At the time of appointment, the job type (Project Scientist or Project Technical Scientist) will be determined in accordance with JAMSTEC’s bylaws.

Further details
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