Research Lab Technician- Microbiology/Immunology: USA

Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center offers a position of a Research Laboratory Technician  in  Microbiology/Immunology.

Job Summary

Assist in research focused on immune system responses to vaccines, infection, and cancer. This position will involve planning and carrying out laboratory experiments using basic immunology techniques and will include management of a mouse colony.


  • University graduation with a major in the biological and/or physical sciences and two years of related clinical/research experience whichever applicable for the position to be filled; or an equivalent combination of education and experience.


  • Master’s degree in biology or related physical science.

Essential Functions

  • Confer with principal investigator and assist in the development of plans for research experiments and data collection procedures; modify existing laboratory procedures and protocols to meet the needs of research projects as required. Troubleshoot problems with assays when necessary.
  • Prepare detailed reports on the results of experiments; discuss the analysis and interpretation of results with principal investigator.
  • Monitor the care of research animals; mouse colony husbandry (oversee breeding and weaning of mice; maintain an up-to-date census), handle live mice and perform injections, take blood samples and other specimens and measurements as required by research protocols; monitor animal health as required.
  • Assist lab staff in maintaining inventory of supplies, materials, and equipment as needed for laboratory operations.
  • Participate in training of new laboratory personnel when required.
  • Keep a detailed notebook describing experiments that enable repetition by other individuals.
  • General laboratory techniques to be used: ELISAs, ELISPOTS, immunizations, inoculations, flow cytometry, in vitro activation and analysis, single cell isolation from tissues, PCR, gene cloning, genotyping, Western blotting, protein expression and purification, cell cloning, hybridoma generation, sequencing, cell culture, work with bacteria and viruses.
  • Collaborate with other staff and perform other duties as requested by the Principal Investigator or senior lab staff.
  • Perform routine lab maintenance, cleaning, and organizing.
  • Understand and comply with all safety standards and procedures to ensure a safe working environment for all laboratory staff.
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