Research scientist in molecular biology and strain engineering : Italy

The Center for Sustainable Future Technologies of the Italian Institute of Technology (IIT) is opening a researcher position at a competitive salary for a scientist with consolidated expertise in microbiology, physiology, molecular biology including bacterial strain development through molecular engineering and optimisation of metabolic pathways in order to boost the speed of construction and the stability of product-oriented biological catalysts. An appointee to the position must hold a doctoral degree in one of the mentioned fields, excellent publication records focused on the relevant fields, the ability to plan and conduct independent top-quality scientific research, and the ability to develop his/her research funding proposals and to foster the competitiveness of her/his teamwork. Experience with anaerobic microorganisms will be highly advantageous. The successful candidate will take the lead of the Systems and Synthetic Biology line that aims at developing resource-efficient, low-carbon, and sustainable bio-process solutions for the production of platform chemicals.

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