Dates: 11-13 June 2017

Registration deadline: 24 March 2017

Location: Ideen Expo science fair, Hannover, Germany

Science Me!” is a unique opportunity for researchers to present their science to the general audience in a playful, incentive and unconventional atmosphere, where the spectators become evaluators of the presentations, based on their own understanding.

This event will take place during the Ideen Expo science fair, which brings an audience of ca. 350,000 visitors.

The “Science Me!” competition rules are simple:

Each team of up to 2 scientists gives a 10-minute show aimed at experimenting/demonstrating/presenting a phenomenon or theory, and the performance is scored by the public (using an applause-meter) and by a jury of specialists in science communication (assessment on safety, novelty, didactics, interactivity, visual aspects and fun, originality, artistic and poetic inputs, interdisciplinarity, scientific relevance, simplicity, etc.).

All domains of science and technology, fundamental or applied, front-edge research or thoroughly demonstrated basics, are welcome topics in the competition, as long as the participating teams wish to interact with the public and are fuelled by the shared passion of science. Aimed at promoting the dialogue between non-specialists and scientists, “Science Me!” contributes to a better perceived image of STEM among young and adult citizens.

Science Me! 2017” has received the Patronage of FEMS, of EuCheMS (European Chemical Sciences), and of EPS (European Physical Society).




Science Me!
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