Section Editor for Clinical Microbiology and Clinical Veterinary Microbiology for FEMS Microbiology Letters

We seek an experienced Editor to join the Editorial Board of FEMS Microbiology Letters to lead a new Section within the journal that will publish articles from clinical microbiology and clinical veterinary microbiology, to start in early summer 2021. The candidate should have strong research experience in one of these two fields and will usually have experience of handling articles for an international journal for at least a year. The candidate will usually hold a permanent position as a principal investigator in an academic, clinical or industry role that directly relates to clinical or clinical veterinary microbiology, and will usually have previous editorial experience on the Editorial Board of a journal.

Responsibilities include the initial examination of newly submitted manuscripts for suitability and for e.g. suspected plagiarism, their issuing to Handling Editors, keeping on top of where manuscripts are in the pipeline for the Section so as to avoid delays, handing over to the Editor-in-Chief cases such as plagiarism, data fabrication or ethical issues.

Within the first 12 months, the Editing of a Thematic Issue will be anticipated. These are typically edited by Guest Editors though an in-house presence is often required in addition to ensure the quality of submissions does not drop.

We are a journal and Federation committed to equality, diversity, dignity and inclusivity and therefore very much welcome applicants of any age, gender, sexual orientation, nationality etc. Whilst FEMS is a nominally European organisation, we recruit Editors from all areas of the world and particularly are interested in applicants from Africa, Asia, Australasia, Central American and South America, as they are currently under-represented in our Editorial Board.

Remuneration is €1,000 per annum. We are also able to pay for Section Editors to attend conferences to represent the journal when appropriate.

Interested parties should send their application to the Editor-in-Chief (Dr Rich Boden, not later than 23:59h BST, Sunday 27 June, 2021. This should include a recent CV that outlines their experience and a 500 word statement of their vision for the Clinical Microbiology and Clinical Veterinary Microbiology Section and their proposed first Thematic Issue title and a brief statement of its scope.

Informal queries can be addressed to the Editor-in-Chief but will not be used as part of the decision-making process.

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