Senior Lecturer in Genetics: Sweden

A position as Lecturer in Genetics is available at the Department of Plant Biology, at SLU, Uppsala. The department has about 90 employees and is active within research areas focused on plant development, diversity and defence ( The Department belongs to the Uppsala BioCenter (, an excellent scientific environment combining competence in plant biology, forest mycology and pathology, microbiology, food science, chemistry and biotechnology. It also offers state-of-the-art infrastructure, including modern plant growth facilities as well as equipment for bioimaging and molecular biology. The department is also a member of the Linnean Centre for Plant Biology in Uppsala (, a platform for interactions between plant scientists at SLU and Uppsala University. Uppsala is host to a SciLifeLab node ( that offers national platforms for genomics, proteomics and microscopy.

Subject area
The subject area encompasses population genetics for the understanding of qualitative and quantitative traits in plants and how these traits are being inherited and expressed in natural populations and cultivated plants.

The holder of the position should:

  • develop and lead education in classical, molecular, population and quantitative genetics and related subject areas on basic, advanced and research level
  • contribute to the development of the research and education of the subject area biology and supervise PhD students in the subject area
  • develop and lead successful research in the area
  • develop and maintain national and international networks with researchers and representatives of the society
  • actively apply for external research grants
  • be able to teach in Swedish within two years

The holder of the position is expected to contribute to the implementation and further development of the departmental goals to develop research focused on plant development, diversity and defence as well as to collaborate with other research groups within the department, BioC and SLU in order to strengthen SLUs common contribution to research within the subject area.

The candidate should:

  • be scientifically proficient and internationally recognised in the subject area of the position
  • hold a PhD degree or have equivalent academic qualifications
  • be pedagogically skilled
  • have good ability to communicate in English
  • be an experienced research group leader.

Assessment criteria
As assessment criteria emphasis is primarily put on qualitative indicators of the skills that are required for the appointment. It is considered a merit to have experience in research connecting functional- or developmental biology studies with research questions in population genetics.

For assessment of pedagogic skills, the following criteria will be considered:

  • experience in planning, performing and evaluation of education
  • experience in supervision and examination at PhD-level
  • ability to integrate research and a scientific approach in the teaching duties

For assessment of scientific skills, the following criteria will be considered:

  • current and previous research
  • the ability to develop an independent and innovative line of research
  • experience in applying and receiving external research grants

We will also consider the applicant’s ability to:

  • develop and lead staff at the university
  • communicate and collaborate
  • interact with the surrounding community
  • inform about research and development

Assessment of the pedagogical skills will be given the same weight as the assessment of the scientific skills.

We will emphasize the applicant’s personal qualities and suitability.

Further Details
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