Senior Postdoctoral Position in Infection and Cancer Biology: Germany

The Laboratory of Thomas F. Meyer – Molecular Biology at the Kiel University is looking for a senior postdoc to work on Infection and Cancer Biology (for up to 4 years). If you are an experienced researcher established in Molecular Biology and interested in preparing for an independent career, you may be the right person to apply for this post.

The group of Thomas F. Meyer (previously at the Max Planck Institute of Infection Biology, Berlin) has established a new laboratory for Infection Oncology at the University of Kiel based on the successful competition for an ERC Advanced Grant. The laboratory is embedded within a network of several institutions and consortia, notably the Institute of Clinical Molecular Medicine (IKMB) and the Cluster of Excellence for Precision Medicine in Chronic Inflammation (PMI).

The project includes multiple avenues of approach aimed to pinpoint the initial steps and the evolutionary context of microbe-driven cancers. Our studies focus on the emergence of gastric and ovarian cancers and their respective bacterial drivers, Helicobacter and Chlamydia. Key questions concern the identification of tell-tale signatures of infection in the emerging cancers as well as the elucidation of the mechanistic principles of carcinogenesis using human organoids and sophisticated technology. Our laboratory has contributed principle concepts to Infection Oncology, which is now being recognized as an emerging field in Molecular Biology and Medicine. Likewise, EMBO will organize a symposium on this topic in 2022.

The successful applicant is expected to contribute both experimentally and intellectually to the performance and development of the project. She/he will co-supervise doctoral students together with the PI and play a major role in the laboratory. Following the stay in our laboratory, the candidate should be sufficiently qualified and ambitious to succeed with an independent career, such as in German academia.


To apply please send an initial letter of interest, including CV and letters of reference, directly to Prof. Dr. Thomas F. Meyer ( by May 15, 2021. Use the email subject “Application – Senior Postdoctoral Position in Infection and Cancer Biology”

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