Senior Research Assoc / Associate Scientist - microbiology: USA

Novozymes offers a Senior Research Associate/Associate Scientist position, in the BioAg Assay Development. Working with our partners, customers, and collaborators, your role will be to drive and support experiments to characterize microbes or microscopic objects using high content analysis methodologies. From running state-of-the-art automation to building cross-functional networks, you’ll use your strong analytical and interpersonal skills to turn today’s good idea into tomorrow’s business value.

In this position, you need to:

  • Have BS or MS degree in cellular biology, microbiology or biochemistry (or similar) and >4-7 years of experience in the quantitative measurement of cellular functions; for example but not limited to: cell cycle determination, cell viability, signal transduction, and enzymatic reactions.
  • Imaging experience using fluorescent microscopy.
  • >4-7 years high content imaging and high-throughput screening experience.
  • Assay development design and validation experience in microtiter plate format.
  • Experience with automated liquid handling equipment.
  • Experience with the statistical analysis of large data sets in JMP, R or similar analysis software, familiarity with the use and management of a database for recording and query of high throughput data.
  • Ability to work cooperatively in a team with frequently changing goals.
  • Ability to work in the United States now or in the future without sponsorship
  • Experience with fluorescent and luminescent reporter systems is a plus
  • Experience with cell transfection/transformation techniques is a plus
  • Strong background in multiplexed image analysis datasets is a plus
  • Programming experience in R, Python, SAS or similar is a plus
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