Aerobiology: microbiology meets atmospheric sciences Summer School. 20-31 August 2018, Denmark

This summer school is brought to you by Aarhus University, Aarhus, Denmark and is aimed at early career scientists (PhD students and Postdocs). It is designed to give participants an understanding of an emerging field within microbial ecology, i.e. atmospheric microbiology, as well as in-depth hands-on experience within this field.

The school will allow participants to design and carry out experimental and environmental studies in the interdisciplinary field of atmospheric microbiology, which is related to issues such as to microbial biogeography, air pollution, pathogen dispersal, meteorology and climate.

During this summer school you will learn about:

  • Bioaerosol generation in the laboratory: SLAG, bubble tank
  • Bioaerosol collections by diverse complementary methods: impingers, filter collectors
  • Online analysis of (bio)aerosols in the laboratory and in the environment: OPS, SMPS, CCNc
  • Offline analysis of (bio)aerosols: ice nucleation assays, flow cytometry, nuclear acids extraction and qPCR

There is not a finalized list of teachers yet – this will be announced in the beginning of 2018.

To apply to attend this summer school, the application deadline is 10 April 2018.

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