Technical Support Staff - deep-sea microorganisms: Japan

JAMSTEC is recruiting one position as a Project Technical Support Staff  of“Deep-sea Bio Open Innovation Platform” in the Research and Development Center for Marine Biosciences, JAMSTEC.

This open innovation platform was established in September, 2017 to facilitate innovation from deep-sea bio resources. The platform will provide deep-sea sediments, deep-sea microbial strains, and environmental genomic information, which have been stored in JAMSTEC, to companies, universities, and research institutes. The successful applicant is expected to conduct basic experiments related to the fields of microbiology and molecular biology.

Duties will include:

1) Cultivation of deep-sea microorganisms
2) Molecular biology techniques including PCR and sequencing
3) Related administrative work (arranging laboratory equipment, etc.)

The Project Technical Support Staff member is expected to:

  •  perform tasks that require judgment and application, including jobs that require basic skills and knowledge.


Further details:
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