Tenure-track Associate Professor (Fields of life and environmental science, and sustainable microbial control): Japan

The Appointee will belong to the Faculty of Life and Environmental Sciences of University of Tsukuba and engage in educational research in fields related to sustainability and microbiology. The Appointee also will engage in research and management of the Division of Next-generation Microbial Control at the Microbiology Research Center for Sustainability. In this Center, the Advanced Engineering Biology Group focusing on interdisciplinary approaches combining microbiology, imaging technology, informatics, microfluidics, etc. is established. The Appointee is expected to promote this interdisciplinary approach strongly and internationally.

The Appointee will engage in the specialized courses and graduation research related to sustainability and microbiology at the School of Agro-Biological Resources and Graduate School of Life and Environmental Sciences, Departments of Life Sciences and Bioengineering & Agro-Bioresources and Technology.


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