XXII meeting of the International Society of Evolutionary Protistology

This meeting will bring together scientists from across the world that study comparative cellular biology, genomics and evolution of microbial eukaryotes, so called protists. These organisms constitute the vast majority of eukaryotic diversity. Pathogenic protists cause devastating diseases with serious socio-economic impact affecting humans (e.g. malaria, sleeping sickness), other animals (e.g. theileriosis) and plants, some of which are important economic crops. Free-living protists have critical roles in ecological processes including carbon cycling in the oceans, control of bacterial populations and deposit of minerals.

Dr. Yuji Inagaki (University of Tsukuba, Japan) – confirmed – established investigator (ISEP President’s Address)
Prof. Purificación López-García (CNRS, France) – confirmed – established investigator
Prof. Nick Lane (University College of London – UK) – unconfirmed – established investigator
Prof. Tom Cavalier-Smith (University of Oxford Emeritus, UK)- confirmed – established

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