Zebrafish Neural Circuits & Behavior

This meeting will provide a forum for presentation and discussion of the most innovative and exciting research currently ongoing in neuroscience using the zebrafish model. Sessions will range from genetic tools all the way to cognition, and the program will provide broad coverage of the field from molecular to systems neuroscience. Sessions and workshops focused on technological innovations will supplement the program, allowing for dissemination of cutting-edge methods that are revolutionizing the field.
Topics :
    • Genetic Tools
    • Neuroanatomy and Imaging Methods
    • Sensory Systems (e.g. Vision, Hearing, Balance, Touch)
    • Motor Control and Sensorimotor Integration
    • Learning and Memory
    • Sleep and Social Behaviors
    • Neuromodulation and Drug Addiction
    • Neurodevelopmental and Neuropsychiatric Disorders
    • Neurodegeneration
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