FEMS Journals Announce Article Award Winners from 2023


Get ready to celebrate excellence in microbiology research as we proudly announce the winners of the FEMS Journals Article Awards for 2023! These awards recognize the outstanding contributions of researchers who have pushed the boundaries of knowledge in the field of microbiology.

Join us as we showcase the remarkable achievements of these scientists. All authors who published in the FEMS Journals in 2023 were automatically considered for an award upon submission of their papers. The Editors-in-Chief and Editorial Boards of each journal select their best article and award €1,000 split equally between all the authors of the winning paper. The prize money is funded by the income we receive from our journals.

Our congratulations go to the winners of the FEMS Journals Article Awards for 2023:

FEMS Microbiology Ecology | Ate H Jaarsma, Katie Sipes, Athanasios Zervas, Francisco Campuzano Jiménez, Lea Ellegaard-Jensen, Mariane S Thøgersen, Peter Stougaard, Liane G Benning, Martyn Tranter, Alexandre M Anesio | Exploring microbial diversity in Greenland Ice Sheet supraglacial habitats through culturing-dependent and -independent approaches 

FEMS Microbiology Letters | Barbara R Heard | Supporting students with blindness and visual impairments in microbiology

FEMS Microbiology Reviews | Amin R Mohamed, Michael A Ochsenkühn, Ahmed M Kazlak, Ahmed Moustafa, Shady A Amin | The coral microbiome: Towards an understanding of the molecular mechanisms of coral-microbiota interactions

Pathogens and Disease | Stanimira V Valeva, Manon Degabriel, Fanny Michal, Gabrielle Gay, John R Rohde, Felix Randow, Brice Lagrange, Thomas Henry | Comparative study of GBP recruitment on two cytosol-dwelling pathogens, Francisella novicida and Shigella flexneri highlights differences in GBP repertoire and in GBP1 motif requirements

FEMS Yeast Research | Romeu Viana, Tiago Carreiro, Diogo Couceiro, Oscar Dias, Isabel Rocha, Miguel Cacho Teixeira | Metabolic reconstruction of the human pathogen Candida auris: using a cross-species approach for drug target prediction

microLife | Regine Hengge, Mihaela Pruteanu, Jörg Stülke, Natalia Tschowri, Kürşad Turgay | Recent advances and perspectives in nucleotide second messenger signaling in bacteria

FEMS Microbes | Colleen C Naughton, Fernando A Roman Jr, Ana Grace F Alvarado, Arianna Q Tariqi, Matthew A Deeming, Krystin F Kadonsky, Kyle Bibby, Aaron Bivins, Gertjan Medema, Warish Ahmed, Panagis Katsivelis, Vajra Allan, Ryan Sinclair, Joan B Rose | Show us the data: global COVID-19 wastewater monitoring efforts, equity, and gaps

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