Prof Jean-Marc Ghigo


Head of the Genetics of Biofilms Unit at Institut Pasteur


- Bacterial genetics and genomics
- Biofilms and multispecies communities

Research website:Jean-Marc Ghigo lab

Institut Pasteur, Department of Microbiology, Genetics of Biofilms Laboratory, France

+33 1 40 61 34 18

FEMS Expert: Prof Jean-Marc Ghigo

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Prof Jean-Marc Ghigo has investigated the molecular basis of various bacterial processes for the past 25 years. After studying type 1 protein secretion in Gram-negative bacteria with Cécile Wandersman, he joined Jon Beckwith’s laboratory at Harvard Medical School where he studied cell division in Escherichia coli.

Returning to the Institut Pasteur in 1999, he developed an independent project investigating bacterial biofilm lifestyle at the genetic and molecular level. Progressing from Assistant to Associate to Full Professor, he created a five-year group (2002 to 2007) which  later transformed into a full research Laboratory (2007-present).

The studies undertaken in his laboratory aim at revealing new or under-explored aspects of bacterial biofilm communities by addressing 2 main questions:

  1. how do bacteria form biofilms?
  2. What particular properties emerge from mono- or multi-species bacterial communities?

The laboratory uses in vitro and in vivo models:

  • to identify factors involved in surface contacts and bacterial-bacterial interactions
  • to study regulatory pathways associated with biofilm formation
  • to investigate biofilm-specific physiological properties
  • to analyze the molecular bases of biofilm tolerance to biocides
  • to investigate dynamics of bacterial competition within mixed-species with particular emphasis on in vivo colonization resistance against pathogen infection
  • to investigate biophysical aspects of bacterial contact with surfaces.