Finnish Society of Sciences and Letters

The Finnish Society of Sciences and Letters was founded in 1838 with the aim of promoting high-quality research, scholarship, networking and dissemination of information through organized conferences and symposia, awarding prizes, providing financial support and stimulating trans-disciplinary discussion. Only the microbiologists from this wider academy are listed below.


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Alitalo, Kari
Ehnholm, Christian
Finne, Jukka
Gyllenberg, Helge
Ilonen, Jorma
Kere, Juha
Saris, Per
Sistonen, Lea
Vaheri, Antti





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Klebsiella pneumoniae infection biology: living to counteract host defences

Klebsiella species cause a wide range of diseases including pneumonia, urinary tract infections (UTIs), bloodstream infections and sepsis. These infections are particularly a problem among neonates, elderly and immunocompromised individuals. This review summarises the tremendous progress that has been made to uncover the sophisticated immune evasion strategies of K. pneumoniae. The co-evolution of Klebsiella in response to the challenge of an activated immune has made Klebsiella a formidable pathogen exploiting stealth strategies and actively suppressing innate immune defences to overcome host responses to survive in the tissues.

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