11th Rowett-INRA conference - Gut Microbiology: No longer the forgotten organ. 11-14 June 2018, UK

Rowett-INRA 2018 will be the 11th joint symposium on gut microbiology organised by the Rowett Institute, University of Aberdeen and l’Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique (INRA), France. It will take place on 11-14 June 2018 at the Aberdeen Exhibition and Conference Centre in Aberdeen.

The overall aim of the conference is to promote understanding of the role of the complex microbial ecosystems present in the digestive tract of man and animals, in maintaining health of the host. This includes elucidating links between the microbial ecology of the digestive tract and the roles of specific genes and microbial products in the interplay between micro-organisms, between micro-organisms and their hosts, and any effect of the host’s diet.

The conference is of interest to those working to improve human and animal health and nutrition through manipulation of the microbiota.

Conference topics will include:

  • Linking the diet, microbiota and intestinal health
  • Microbiome manipulations for animal health and production
  • Establishing the links between the microbiota and disease
  • The microbiome as a reservoir for novel compounds
  • Communicating Science

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