2nd International Conference on Microbial Food and Feed Ingredients (MiFFI)

Following the measures to reduce the spread of the COVID-19 virus, the 2nd International Conference on Microbial Food and Feed Ingredients IS POSTPONED till 19-21 April 2021.

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At the conference, we will seek the current best answer to the eternal questions:

  • How to preserve food
  • How to make food tasty and appealing
  • How to promote health

Microorganisms have been employed for these purposes since ancient times without exhausting the opportunities.

The 1st International Conference on Microbial Food and Feed Ingredients occured in 2018 and we published a special Thematic Issue of FEMS Microbiology Letters based on research presented at the conference.

At the MIFFI2020 you will hear about novel solutions to current challenges of climate change, reducing food waste, increasing the quality of proteins, using peptides as preservatives, texturants, and flavours. How to use microorganisms to increase safety and health in food and feed. You will learn about hundreds of new solutions and will get the opportunity to present your own research for the most interested and qualified audience.

Congress key topics

  • The term microbial food and feed ingredients, is to be understood in its broadest sense. This means that the conference will encompass e.g.:
  • Microorganisms in food and feed
  • Enzymes for food and feed applications
  • Microbially derived bioactive compounds
  • Applications of cultures, enzymes, and metabolites
  • Animal & Human health
  • Future trends
  • Regulatory aspects

On behalf of the Local Organising Committee

Egon Bech Hansen, DTU Food

Lars Bogø Jensen, DTU Food 

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