3rd Symposium Geneva Centre for Emerging Viral Diseases

The 3rd symposium of the Geneva Centre for Emerging Viral Diseases “Covid-19 and beyond – Understanding emerging viral diseases and their public health impact“ will take place from December 7-9, 2022, at the Campus Biotech in Geneva, Switzerland.

This symposium looks forward at the future challenges that lie ahead in the field of emerging viruses. The last 2.5 years have changed our perspective, and the whole world is now familiar with this previously small field. Yet, many open questions remain, especially how we can be better prepared for, or even prevent the next pandemic.

In this symposium, we wish to discuss how SARS-CoV-2 as a newly circulating human pathogenic virus will further evolve and find its place in the human viral ecosystem, but also the latest vaccine approaches, how to implement better surveillance, latest aspects on monkeypox epidemiology, vaccination and treatment, the role of seroprevalence studies and phylogenetics to monitor outbreaks in real-time and other topics. We also want take a broader look on new risks of virus spillovers due to climate change and biodiversity loss, but also on society’s reaction to infectious disease threats, including vaccine hesitancy and the “infodemic”.

Already confirmed speakers are Maria Van Kerkhove (WHO), Dirk Brockmann (Berlin, Germany), Christian Althaus (Bern, Switzerland), Piero Olliaro (Oxford, UK), Johannes Krause (Jena, Germany), Volker Thiel (Bern, Switzerland), Gary Kobinger (Galveston, USA), Florian Krammer (New York, USA), Alexandra Calmy (Geneva, Switzerland), Silvie Briand (WHO), Kai Kupferschmidt (Berlin, Germany), Emma Hodcroft (Bern and Geneva, Switzerland), and many more respected colleagues.

More information on the official event website

The symposium will be hosted as a hybrid meeting, with an in-person meeting in Geneva as well as online access to all sessions. Infection prevention measures for COVID-19 for on-site participation will be adapted according to the epidemiological situation at the time of the meeting.

To help make you as enthusiastic about our meeting as we already are, please see below the feedback we received for our last symposium that took place April 2019:

“Congratulations to the great symposium, I enjoyed a lot! It tells how you are trusted and respected by the outstanding researchers – WHO can’t gather all those people at once…” 

“That was a *fantastic* conference! One of the best I have ever been to. Really enjoyed it.”

 “Congratulations on an amazing meeting! It was really top notch.”

“Truly amazing to have all these experts together in one room in Switzerland” 

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