7th Cellular Dynamics & Models

The focus of this meeting will be on quantitative approaches to cellular dynamics.  The specific goal is to foster creative and fruitful interactions between experimental cell biologists and mathematical computational scientists who have common interests in understanding the dynamics of cellular processes. The meeting will emphasize the dynamic interplay of experiment, quantitative data analysis and the use of mathematical models and computer simulations to describe data, develop testable hypotheses and to gain deeper insights into systems level design principles that govern cellular dynamics.  In addition, the meeting will provide an opportunity for interactions among researchers interested in the dynamics of normal healthy cells and those who wish to understand how those dynamics are disrupted in diseased cells.

For those interested in presenting algorithms and/or software for computer simulation, image processing, data analysis and visualization, we will  provide two formats: short informational talks, and longer interactive demos, to be held during poster sessions. If you are interested, please specify the format you prefer (including both) in your abstract.

Session Topics:

  • Principles of Cytoplasmic Organization
  • Biological Circuit Design
  • Theory and Modeling of Cellular Signaling
  • Evolutionary Cell Biology
  • Cytoskeletal and Membrane Dynamics
  • Dynamics of Cell Growth and Division
  • Morphogenesis/Tissue Dynamics
  • Dark Matters Arising in the Nucleus
  • Computational Algorithms and Software
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