Antimicrobial Resistance – Genomes, Big Data and Emerging Technologies, UK

This conference will bring together basic researchers, computer scientists, clinicians and policy makers interested in pathogen and human/host genomics, epidemiology and surveillance, machine learning, development of novel diagnostic tools and translation of AMR-data into clinical practice to discuss their findings.

This year the conference will highlight the role of genomic evidence – from internal and external environments as well as its role in the detection, tracking and control of antimicrobial resistance, especially in low- and middle-income countries. We will also discuss the role of vaccines in AMR and how bacterial genomics and metagenomics can be translated into clinical practice.

Early bird deadline 11 February 2020 | Bursary deadline 25 February 2020 | Abstract deadline 10 March 2020 |Registration deadline 07 April 2020

Keynote Speakers
Sharon Peacock – University of Cambridge, UK
Lothar Wieler – Robert Koch Institute, Germany

Confirmed speakers
Josefina Campos – ANLIS, Argentina
Alan Cross – University of Maryland, USA
Keith Klugman – Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, USA
Happiness Kumburu – Kilimanjaro Clinical Research Institute, Tanzania
Ginny Moore – Public Health England, UK
Carmem Pessoa Da Silva – WHO, Switzerland
Kathy Raven – University of Cambridge, UK
John Rossen – University of Groningen, The Netherlands
Paul Turner – COMRU, Cambodia/UK
Sarah Walker – University of Oxford, UK
Timothy Walsh – Cardiff University, UK

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