Assistant Professor in (Membrane) Microbiology: Netherlands

The strategic Alliance between Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e), Utrecht University (UU) and UMC Utrecht (UMCU) has awarded a grant for a 4-year multidisciplinary research programme in the field of plasma medicine. This involves the generation and application of non-thermal plasmas to deliver a ‘cocktail’ of reactive chemical species, electric charges, electric fields and UV radiation to the target of interest. The research team will combine expertise in physics, chemistry, cell biology and medicine to gain an in-depth understanding of non-thermal plasmas and how they affect cells and tissue. The final aim is to develop and improve applications of non-thermal plasmas to combat multidrug-resistant bacterial infections and cancer.

The 4-year programme will be jointly carried out by research groups from TU/e, UU and UMCU with a newly appointed researcher in each of the institutions. As part of the programme you will investigate the molecular mechanisms underlying the bactericidal activity of plasmas with a special focus on the role of membranes. In close collaboration with your co-workers from TU/e, UU and UMCU, you will investigate how the bactericidal properties of plasmas can be modulated and you will search for conditions at which plasmas effectively kill bacteria without harming human cells.


  • you are enthusiastic, proactive, and very open to interdisciplinary research, as this is the basis for the programme
  • we expect you to gain a good working knowledge of the approaches used by your colleagues in the field of plasma physics and cell biology
  • you will develop your own research lines and apply for funding
  • you have an affinity with teaching and will be involved in setting up joint teaching modules within the three institutes
  • you have a PhD in microbiology, (bio)chemistry, or cell biology, and expertise in one or more of the following areas:
  1. membrane biochemistry
  2. membrane biophysics
  3. model membranes
  4. oxidative processes in cells
  5. plasma chemistry
  6. antibiotics
  7. multidrug resistance

Other relevant factors for your application will be your publication track record, teaching record, and acquired research funds. These will be weighed against the number of years of academic experience, thereby taking into account parental leave.

In order to obtain gender balance, we strongly encourage women to apply.


We offer a full-time position for four years, with assessments after the first and the third year, in an international working environment. The salary – depending on previous qualifications and experience – between €3,545 and €5,513 (scales 10/11/12 Collective Labour Agreement Dutch Universities) gross per month for a full-time employment. Salaries are supplemented with a holiday bonus of 8% and a year-end allowance of 8.3% per year.

In addition, Utrecht University offers excellent secondary conditions, including an attractive retirement scheme, (partly paid) parental leave and flexible employment conditions (multiple choice model). Here you’ll find more information about working at Utrecht University.


Additional information

If you need additional information about the vacancy, please contact: prof. dr. Antoinette Killian (Utrecht University), e-mail:, dr. Eefjan Breukink (Utrecht University), e-mail: or prof. dr. Jos van Strijp (UMC Utrecht), e-mail:


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