Associate Scientist - bacterial physiology: France

The objective of the project will be to study bacterial physiology under favorable and unfavorable culture conditions to allow the identification of signatures specific to the production of vaccine antigens. A holistic approach will be employed to increase our knowledge of bacterial physiology during the fermentation stage on an industrial scale. Based on the identified signatures, specific analytical methods will be developed to monitor bacterial fermentation and guarantee homogeneous production of antigens of interest.

This thesis will be carried out in partnership between Sanofi Pasteur (Site of Marcy l’ Etoile) and Bioaster.


  • Upstream, you will carry out a review and bibliographical synthesis on the bacterium and the non-specific approach strategy.
  • In connection with the objective, you will contribute to defining the experimental protocols and their implementation.
  • You will be responsible for fermentation activities, you will ensure the sampling and characterization of batches produced.
  • You will carry out the tests then you will ensure the analyses, the compilation, and the synthesis of the multiple data.
  • You will participate in the bioinformatics analysis of the data generated for the search for bacterial signatures.
  • From the identified signatures, you will develop targeted analysis tools (qRT-PCR, flow cytometry, immunoassay, MS, …).
  • You will prepare communication materials, reports and presentation.

Applicant profile:

Having an excellent ranking, and holding by the end of September 2018 at the latest a Master 2 or an engineering degree specialized in microbiology and/or equivalent, with experience in research laboratory or R&D. You are interested in transversal academic research with industrial goals.

  • You have a solid scientific basis in order to undertake thesis work with a multidisciplinary approach (Microbiology, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology) added to a strong interest in fermentation (theoretical and technical) and bacterial metabolism.
  • You demonstrate rigor, personal organization and autonomy and are recognized for your very good writing skills.
  • You can adapt quickly to different environments and work teams.
  • You are able to converse easily in English with non-French speakers and to read scientific articles in English.

Full-time position (3 years), based in the region of Lyon, with daily/weekly trips between Bioaster laboratories in Lyon and Sanofi Pasteur in Marcy l’ Etoile.

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