Biology of Host-Parasite Interactions (GRS) - The Molecular and Cellular Biology of Eukaryotic Infectious Organisms

COVID-19 Update:

This conference has been withdrawn from the 2020 conference schedule.
As you are aware, coronavirus is having a global impact and the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control have instituted recommendations that include social distancing and cancelling conferences and large gatherings. Since safety of our attendees is always GRC’s highest priority, the GRC Board of Trustees has decided to withdraw this conference and it will be rescheduled for 2022. This decision was made out of an abundance of caution and to alleviate the concerns of our conference communities that are scheduled to meet in this timeframe.

The program for the GRS was developed by co-chairs Drs. Xu Zhang (Weill Cornell Medical College) and Matthew Gould (University of Glasgow, Scotland). The GRS will include a keynote address by Dr. Photini Sinnis (Johns Hopkins University), who is an eminent scientist in the field of malaria transmission, as well as a panel discussion on the subject of career development. In addition, there will be 12 talks presented by student and postdoc attendees. The speakers will be selected by the co-chairs. The meeting will also include two poster sessions. Three faculty mentors have been invited to attend the meeting to provide different career perspective. These include Veronica Jimenez Ortiz (University of California at Fullerton), Photini Sinnis (Johns Hopkins University) and Lisa Purcell (Regeneron Pharmaceuticals). These individuals represent a wide range of parasites and also represent both industry and academia. The co-chairs of the GRC will also be in attendance to provide additional guidance to the students and postdocs.

The seminar will focus on the molecular and cellular basis of eukaryotic parasites and their interactions with their hosts. Topics include parasite motility, immunology and immune evasion, drug development and resistance, metabolism, protein trafficking, gene expression and parasite evolution. Additional topics will be considered based on submitted abstracts.

Applications for this meeting must be submitted by May 16, 2020.

Financial assistance is available for qualified applicants through the GRC Carl Storm Underrepresented Minority Fellowship Program.

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