Director of Microscopy & Imaging Facility: USA

The Hamilton College in USA is looking for a Director for its Microscopy & Imaging Facility to manage teaching and research, including maintenance of instruments, ordering of supplies, teaching courses using the microscopes and other equipment, and providing assistance to all users of the facility. This position will transition from administrator to faculty status beginning July 1, 2021 pending Board approval.


  • Manage the operation of the Microscopy and Imaging Facility, including light, confocal, and scanning electron microscopes, x-ray microanalyzer, microtomes, critical point dryer, and other preparative and imaging equipment used for teaching and research in the facility. Order and prepare supplies and equipment, schedule user time, and keep pertinent records
  • Maintain light, confocal, and electron microscopes and ancillary equipment in optimal working condition. Perform routine and emergency maintenance, and assist contracted support personnel
  • Maintain the image analysis hardware and software, and associated equipment to serve the needs of the department
  • Each year teach four course credits that integrate microscopy into the Biology curriculum, including support for lab activities in core Biology courses, and that demonstrate the principles and use of microscopy in biological and other applications
  • Provide technical assistance to students and faculty using the equipment in the Microscopy and Imaging Facility
  • Store, monitor, and dispose of all chemicals used in the facility and maintain safety standards
  • Provide tours and demonstration of the Microscopy and Imaging Facility for Hamilton College academic programs and for others, as time is available
  • Participate as a regular member in department meetings and participant in departmental activities


  • Master’s degree in Biology and a minimum of three years experience using and maintaining either scanning electron microscopes or confocal microscopes
  • Knowledge of digital image processing and associated computer skills are required
  • Knowledge of electron and confocal microscopy equipment, techniques, and procedures
  • Knowledge of imaging techniques and procedures. Knowledge of computing and digital imaging
  • Excellent organizational and time management skills
  • Effective teaching skills
  • Ability to work well with a wide range of people
  • Aptitude for developing new skills


Applications are made through the online portal. There is no deadline for this post so if you are interested apply as soon as possible.

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