Doctoral Student SNSF in Microbiology and Epigenetics: Switzerland

The Department of Fundamental Microbiology at The University of Lausanne offers a position of Doctoral Student SNSF in microbial genetics.

Your responsibilities

  • The Collier lab uses Caulobacter crescentus to study the regulation of the bacterial cell cycle.The recent findings indicate that epigenetic mechanisms controlling gene expression are key to cell cycle progression. The aim of this PhD project is to identify and characterize novel and conserved epigenetic regulators.

Your qualifications

  • Applicants must have a Master in Biology or Biochemistry with experience in Molecular biology.
  • The candidate must speak English language fluently and be highly motivated to understand complex genetic networks in microorganisms.

Contact for further information

Dr. Justine Collier, phone number : 0041 21 692 56 10

Further details
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